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Mika Laaksonen and Kimmo Kaunela
Mika Laaksonen and Kimmo Kaunela
Unreal 4
Mac OS
Open World RPG

Planetrism is a open world role playing game by Mika Laaksonen and Kimmo Kaunela.

In the future, 200 years from now, Mankind has spread throughout the Solar system. Earth is overpopulated, polluted and in midst of a sociological-economical turmoil due to scarce resources. First interstellar colonization attempts have provided a new opportunity and hope for better future. But is it enough. Beneath the fragile surface of peace lies the seeds of new ideological, political and economical conflicts. As new colonists head to distant exoplanets in a race to claim new resources, an important question is almost silenced - will Mankind establish a paradise or just repeat its past mistakes.

Planetrism is a Virtual Reality and desktop science fiction role-playing game where you experience the life of a colonist on an exoplanet light years away from Solar system. It is very harsh frontier life full of hard work, dangers of unknown territories, but there are also adventures filled with wonders and mysteries of universe. Planetrism combines personal experience of adventurous colonist life with leadership and management of whole colony.

Planetrism is a story-driven open world RPG. Each game has long story arcs, smaller side adventures and problems to solves. But open world structure ensures that the player may choose his own path and experience an alien world at his own pace regardless of the main story. Player can determine his own goals in the game, although he has to consider and plan his actions in the context of survival elements and carefully manage the resources available.

The player can create an unique role-playing character with different attributes and skills, learn new skills and improve while game progress. Mastering certain skills may prove crucial to surviving on an alien environment, and player has to choose carefully how to use his time and what to learn. This provides replayability, since the player may try different approaches with different characters, and have a totally different game experience next time.

Planetrism is currently under development.

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